My Trunk Club Experience

Before I moved to Chicago, I signed up for Trunk Club’s delivery service. I tried Stitchfix and a few other services before, but wasn’t thrilled. Sometimes it was the items, other times the cost.

What I really enjoyed about Trunk Club was that my stylist took to get to know me, my style, and what was I was looking for at that time. So I tried a few boxes with TC and had some pretty decent success. But just like with Stitchfix and others, the sizing was could be inconsistent.

If you’re in between sizes like I am, I’m sure you can relate. There were always pieces I loved, but when the fit doesn’t work, well it doesn’t work. After relocating to Chicago, I knew I wanted to try the in person Trunk Club experience. As someone that’s sometimes a 10, other days a 12, and on my best vanity sizing days an 8, I knew it would likely work better for me in the long run.

And what do you know — it absolutely did. I worked with my stylist to describe what I had going on (an upcoming vacation) and also showed her my blog and instagram to give her a sense of my style. After the first round of try-ons only about half of the rack fit — shocking. But the perk of being at the Club was that the stylist just went back to their inventory room and snagged me the right size.

And now I’m pretty much a convert! If you’re true to size, the box service would be great for you. But if in between sizes and live in city with a Club I can’t recommend it enough. I’m already looking for to my fall visit.

I’m also getting ready to test out Le Tote thanks to a friend’s recommendation. Have you tried a box service before? I’d love to hear your experience.

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