My New Go To Bag (And Weekend Get Away to Michigan City)

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

On Friday, I took a weekend trip away to Michigan City, Indiana with some girl friends. I’m always down for a good road trip and our weekend in the sleepy, dune filled, beach town was awesome! Plus it was the perfect excuse to use my new go to bag. From vision boarding, copious amounts of wine, and a little outlet shopping — it was one of those weekends that you didn’t expect, but absolutely needed. Since I’ve only been in Chicago 18 months or so, not only am I still exploring the city, but all the other adorable places nearby. How I hadn’t made it to Indiana or Michigan for the beaches is almost appalling, but now it’s on the top of list of summer activities.

And it wouldn’t be a girls trip if my friend Renschke and I didn’t snap a few outfit photos. Our fingers felt like they were ready to fall off by the end of our quick photoshoot, but the laughs in between takes were well worth it.

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

Winter Style - Crush It Bag - 1

Also, if you’re on the hunt for functional, but cute, winter boots. I can’t recommend these Sorel Boots more. I actually wanted these desperately last year, but they sold out before I could pull the trigger. This year I didn’t hesitate and have been living in them for the last month.

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

I also have the feeling that I’ll be living in these new Aiyana Fringe Chandelier earrings. My stud-loving obsessed self has fully jumped on statement earring bandwagon. I love the hint of blue and the textured fringe in these chandeliers so don’t be surprised if you see them styled here and on my instagram A LOT.

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

This bag will also be on heavy rotation! I’ve been looking for a new go to bag for a while. I’ve had a Lo & Sons bag in the best, but it’s a bit too small for all the layers I carry to and from work and then to the gym. I couldn’t find anything better until Stella & Dot launched their new gym bag — the Crush It Bag. The neoprene bottom is perfect for shoes and post-gym clothes. And I love that it has both a shoulder strap and regular handles. It will be perfect for the gym, but equally as good for weekend trips like this. I ended up packing all my casual items in the bottom, and kept my day clothes and toiletries in the main top section.

Winter Style - Crush It Bag -

If you’re in a cold weather spot like Chicago, how are you staying warm AND stylish this season? I’d love to hear your must have pieces in the comments!

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Sweater: Madewell – Jeans: Madewell – Boots: Sorel – Earrings: Aiyana Fringe Chandeliers – Bag: Crush It Bag



I have a huge down coat in navy, with a smooth exterior which I love for attempting to be a little stylish in a slightly unexpected color, and no marshmallow effect of the down 🙂 But I really do need to look into these boots…My winter footwear needs help, which is nuts because I live in Michigan (get it together!). And you really do need to get back to Indiana/Michigan in the summer time – that place would be even better then. Though it is nice to see that a snowy girls’ weekend in MIchigan City is still fun, because I’m trying to plan one in the Indiana region soon…

    Liz Urso

    Finding a coat that’s functional without making you look puffy is major! I upgraded mine to a warmer one — but it’s definitely poofier than my last one.

    And yes, you definitely need these boots. I think you’ll be really happy with them.

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