6 Blazers Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

I don’t know about you, but blazers are a staple in my closet. They’re great for work. Easy layering pieces for the weekend. So today I wanted to share with you 6 blazers that every girl needs in her closet.

Colorful blazer – I love a colorful blazer for work. I tend to stick to neutral pants these days, so a colorful blazer is a great way to add some pop to my everyday work look. I’ve had this pink blazer going on 4 or 5 years. And I also have a red version that is on heavy rotation. Best of all this blazer is a knit which is super comfortable especially with on an out town road trip and logging a lot of miles.

Navy school boy blazer – It’s a classic. Great for work, but favorite way is to style this blazer is with jeans. Throwing it on over top a your favorite pieces is a great way to finish your look. I wear this one a tad oversized and loose — it’s effortless and always in style.

Leather detailed blazer – I love this take on a traditional black blazer. The leather sleeves immediately add interest and a unique twist on a classic. If the detail on the sleeves isn’t your thing, look for an option with leather trim.

Sweater blazer – My office is business casual so a sweater blazer is perfect when I want to be put together, but not overly dressy. I love that this particular blazer is less structured than a traditional blazer as well.

Chambray blazer – Probably my go to blazer when I hit the road for work because it goes with everything. Over a black dress, with navy pants, a white skirt. So many options. I picked this one up at the Gap a few years back and it’s always in heavy rotation.

Tweed blazer – Aka my professor blazer. I think this was my first ever Zara purchase. I was in LA where it was 90+ degrees and it seemed like an impractical purchase at the time. But it turns out it was quite the opposite. I love this look with jeans or with black pants. It’s really versatile and immediately pulls together your look.

What’s your essential blazer? Share in the comments.

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